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The Georgia Low Voltage Contractors Association is the Georgia Chapter of the National Low Voltage Contractors Association. The Mission of the GLVCA is to Promote Safety, Code Compliance, Licensing, Professionalism, and Prosperity in the electrical industry throughout the state of Georgia.

The local GLVCA is a not-for-profit association dedicated to supporting its members, protecting public safety, and developing and instituting programs for the betterment of the electrical industry. Members of the GLVCA are recognized as Licensed Professional Electrical Contractors. Their client's can be reassured the service they are provided is being done by a licensed professional that is properly educated, trained, experienced and performing the work legally in the state of Georgia.

Members of the GLVCA and Licensed Contractors

As a Licensed Electrical Contractor you have shown you're committed to abiding by Georgia state laws. You have proven yourself to be a professional contractor dedicated to providing a service that is in compliance with national and Georgia state electrical codes.

Additionally, as a Licensed Electrical Contractor you have met the educational requirements and necessary training as outlined by Georgia's Electrical Board. Finally, by completing Georgia's state required testing you have demonstrated your knowledge, integrity and dedication to public safety and the law.

Consumers and General Public

It goes without saying that you should always hire a licensed contractor to do work for you at your home or your business. This is especially important when your project involves electricity. Professional Licensed Electrical Contractors have the technical education, training and licensing to install, maintain and service your projects safely, legally and code compliant. Click here to report illegal unlicensed activity.

Many people are unaware that contracts between the consumer and unlicensed contractors who perform work illegally are not valid contracts. In many jurisdictions this leaves the consumer with limited resources available to recoup their losses when the project is not completed satisfactorily, does not meet code requirements or if the project is simply abandoned.

In Georgia, aiding and abetting an illegal unlicensed Electrical Contractor is against the law with serious penalties ranging from fines to imprisonment. Protect yourself by only hiring a legally Licensed Professional Contractor. Click here to search for a Licensed Electrical Contractor.
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