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About the Georgia Chapter of the NLVCA

The Georgia Low Voltage Contractors Association (GLVCA) is the local Georgia State Chapter of the National Low Voltage Contractors Association (NLVCA).



The electrical industry segments are converging into one servicing entity. The industry warrants a national association that encompasses all the electrical industry including the low voltage trades under a single umbrella. A national association that is dedicated to supporting only legally licensed contractors. Thus the National Low Voltage Contractors Association was established. The NLVCA supports state, county, and city licensed electrical contractors and the associated trade for the betterment of the industry and to ensure public safety.



The National Low Voltage Association is a co-operative association of members united to meet their common industry related needs and aspirations through this jointly owned and democratically controlled association. Each member of the NLVCA has voting rights and every member's interests is recognized as the NLVCA moves forward with it's agenda to progress the industry for the benefit of our members and in the interest of public safety. Members of the NLVCA share a feeling of ownership pride as our association strives to achieve its goals.



An issue the NLVCA is passionate about resolving is the elimination of unlicensed individuals installing electrical systems including low voltage systems illegally. Unlicensed individuals lack the proper training and experience. Many times they do not follow the safety codes or even know the code. Unlicensed individuals do not comply with continuing education requirements, or carry required insurance such as worker compensation, general liability, errors and emission, and in most cases they don't pay taxes. Unlicensed individuals that install any electrical systems illegally are a danger to the safety of the public and the industry.



It takes time, education, money and integrity to become a professional legally licensed contractor. To have individuals perform work illegally is an issue the National Low Voltage Contractors Association fully intends to pursue. This illegal activity has got to be stopped. Anyone can sell their illegal service for less when they do not pay worker compensation, have liability insurance, health insurance, paying taxes, and work from the trunk of a car. We as licensed contractors must take a stand. The state, city and county licensing boards are overwhelmed and understaffed to adequately police and report this illegally activity. The NLVCA acts as the conduit between the consumer, the legal electrical contractor and the state, county, city licensing boards. The NLVCA will insist on prosecution in specific unlicensed activity cases.

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